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Dante Hidemark-BoströmEducation

Curriculum Vitae

2006-09 Södra Latins Upper Secondary School, Professional Musician Programme 2010-11 Stockholm University, Musicology 1 and 2, 60 ECTS points
2010-11 Private Tuition för Erik Lanninger (piano)
2011- Malmö Academy of Music, Bachelor Programme in Composition/arranging

Jazz Style and Classical Arranging

Achievements in the field of Composition

2012-may 2012-september

2012-october 2012-october 2012-december

First Perfomance, ”Norra Sorgenfri”, with XL Big Band
Transcribing full score and parts, ”Drömmarne” by A.F. Lindblad Commission
First Performance, ”Work in Progress”, with BBC Singers
First Performance, ”Farväl!”, with Malmö akademiska kör, Commission Performance, ”Julmedley”, for brass quintet (arrangement)

Achievements as Musician

2009-june 2009-december 2011-december 2012-june 2012-december

Other Achievements

2009-11 2009-10 2008-11

Keyboard playing, Day of Hip hop at Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Choir singing, perf. ”Mass” by and with Steve Dobrogosz, Stockholm Pianoplaying, Consert at Skissernas museum, Lund via Odeum
Choir Singing, re-unveiling of Non Violence (C.F. Reuterswärd), Malmö Piano playing, Consert with Malmö studentkör, Wesleykyrkan, Malmö

Personal Assistant through JAG and Assistans i Balans i Sverige AB Various classes at Stockholm University, including Practial Philosophy I Private students in Piano playing

Have been part several choirs, including Malmö akademiska kör, Immanuel Nova and Stockholm Cantus