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Leo Caillard was born in Paris in 1985 and possesses a characteristic of the rarest of fine art photographers. His childhood fascination with Einstein’s relativity research, twinned with the more recent work of theoretical physicist, Brian Greene, permeates his approach and perspective. In the manner of a meticulous scientist, Caillard studies environments and imagines, “what if reality was not as we see it…?” Graduating in 2008 from France’s internationally reputed Gobelins School of Visual Communication, Caillard traveled to the US to spent a year in New York photographing and absorbing the “reality” of this great, modern metropolis. With these new insights, he returned to Paris and began developing the series of works, “Art Games”, an observation of the role of art, its institutions & the manner of human interaction with creativity. Since its release & subsequent exhibition, this project has generated significant and wide ranging interest from both the art world & the media industry. A second series of works, War Games, came about through a visit through Paris business quarter, La Defense. Juxtaposing the sleek, modern architecture of this district with the interjection of an inventory of deadly military armament yields quite unexpected results. Apart form the dynamics of Caillard’s imagination, what is apparent is his total mastery of the 21st century tools of 3D image and photographic manipulation… A tank wedged over the entrance of a luxury apartment building – at first glance, it appears totally natural, but on closer examination, reveals something much more sinister and provocative. Arousing curiosity by unexpected associations, Caillard’s childhood obsession with deep science continues to inform his choice of subject matter and its interpretation. His most recent work, dressing the Renaissance and ancient statues of the Louvre as contemporary “hipsters”, forces the viewer to question what is real and, what could be real ? An irrepressible curiosity coupled with a meticulous mastery of current imaging technologies, Leo Caillard is a 21st Century Photographer who’s insights cause us to question the relativity of our daily experiences.   imaging technologies, Leo Caillard is a 21st century photographer who’s insights cause us to question the the relativity of our daily experiences.