Författare » Paul Williamson

After writing a DPhil on eighteenth-century poetry at Balliol College, Oxford, Paul Williamson lectured for several years at the University of Vienna. He has published widely on literary, art-historical and musical topics. Paul’s recent work includes articles on the Mannheim School and Francesca Lebrun (1756–91). Serra | Ekphrasis, an illustrated essay on the sculpture of Richard Serra (b.1939), written in blank verse, will be published as a short book in June 2014. The Dream of Constantine (with Paul’s words and music by Malcolm Bothwell) was premiered in October 2011 in Niš, Serbia (Constantine’s birthplace). Autumn 2013 saw the release on Regent Records of Incarnation, with Paul’s text and music by Thomas Hewitt Jones. Among numerous other collaborations with Hewitt Jones, Paul provided the lyrics for Wildflower Meadows, a commemoration of 1914 in seven movements for massed children’s choir with baritone solo and piano accompaniment (premiere June 2014); and ‘Panathenaia’, a cantata based on themes deriving from the Parthenon frieze (world premiere O/Modernt, 15 June 2014). For O/Modernt 2013 Paul wrote ‘A Scent,’ a short verse monologue performed by the distinguished Swedish actor and director, Björn Granath. He is thrilled to be renewing the collaboration with Björn at O/Modernt 2014 with ‘An Etruscan Acrobat’—a dramatic monologue in blank verse that tells the beguiling tale of an artist’s evening out in Rome.