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Having written her doctoral thesis on nineteenth-century French art under the supervision of Francis Haskell at Trinity College, Oxford, Amal Asfour has since lectured on and written about many aspects of art history. Her book Champfleury: Meaning in the Popular Arts in Nineteenth-Century France (2001) is the principal work in English on Jules François Felix Fleury-Husson (1820–89), the pioneering French art critic and novelist who wrote under the name Champfleury. At the University of Vienna, where she taught for several years, her focus was on British art. This resulted in a book on Gainsborough and the first-ever exhibition devoted to the work of the musician William Jackson of Exeter (1730–1803), Gainsborough’s close friend and drinking companion. More recently, Amal Asfour has turned her attention to archaic Greek temple architecture, leading small groups to Greece and Turkey with Westminster Classic Tours, a London-based company of which she is also a director. Her current writing project is Telling the Tale of Art, a wide-ranging study of the history of western art for younger readers.