Kompositörer » Elo Masing

Elo Masing is a composer of some local significance, mainly around the Clapton area in east London.

An impresario on Chatsworth Road, she curates the figuratively and literally underground concert series Uncharted Soundscapes at Lumiere’s cocktail emporium as well as other events at various east London venues and directs and manages clapTON ensemble.
Elo’s artistic output is consistent in its inconsistence and coherent in its incoherence with a portfolio career including occasional appearances as a drag king and a side-job as part-time zebra on Resonance104.4fm.

Her motley artistic identities unite to serve the dark purpose of deliberately upsetting the world through brutally manipulating the violin, cello, electric guitar and other assorted instruments into becoming deviant serfs to her fearful vision: the total and utter end of all things conventional. And a desperate need to be an icon of an alternative depravity.
Her most ambitious project to date comprises turning her whole life into a work of art that critically comments on the current socio-cultural state of affairs in the UK, continuously questioning established paradigms on the arts scene as well as in human relations on a wider scale. For that reason there is often a lot more social commentary in her outfits than in her music.

To stay truthful to her inconsistent artistic personality, however, her future projects may include at some point deciding to sabotage her own oeuvre and turning her artwork of a life into a dull, mundane and uncritical existence by getting a day job in the academia or in music publishing.

She is credited by some sources for turning self-deprecation into an artform.