Sångare » Paulina Pfeiffer, sopran

The Swedish soprano Paulina Pfeiffer was educated at the Operahögskolan in Stockholm. At the Kungliga Operan in Stockholm she has been in love with Rodolfo, died high up among the roof tops in Paris, been tricked into Blubeard’s castle to become his fourth wife, and been the young priestess in love with Norma’s former lover and caught in a triangular dramatic story.

She returned to the Chatelet Opera in 2014 to become a flowering tree. In Ystad she fell in love with Turiddo in Sicily, and with both the Swedish composer Hugo Alvėn and the Danish painter Søren Krøyer on the beautiful shores of Skagen.
During the 2014/2015 season she traveled to Malmö and Amman with a group of strong women to tell about the revolution in Egypt in 2011. She also performed with the wonderful pianist Inese Klotina, singing Swedish, German and American songs. She also returned to the Druids’ dungeons at the Royal Castle in Stockholm and tried to seduce Mozart in Jönköping.