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Sergey N. YevtushenkoHermitage Music Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Member of Composers’ Union of Russia (1990)

TRIVIA: In 1994 Hamburg representatives of Sony became interested in Sergey Yevtushenko’s phenomenal improvisatory talent. They offered him to record some musical CDs with improvisation and have been simply dumbfounded, when within eight hours Sergey Yevtushenko was improvising without a stop. All eight hours of record were included into improvisation package (6 CDs-disks).
05 Sept.1957, Leningrad, USSR
To 1988:
Professor of St. Petersburg Conservatoire and Special Music School
1990 – 2006:
General Manager of CAMERATA St. Petersburg Orchestra (since 1994 – Orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum)
Since 1997 – Present:
Director of the Hermitage Music Academy Charity Foundation
Since 2001 – Present:
Artistic Director of the Hermitage Music Academy™ Program and Music International Festivals in the State Hermitage Museum (The Musical Hermitage and Music of the Great Hermitage)

1987: Composed and performed Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
Composed original music for Robert. A Fortunate Life by Alexander Sokurov (Main Prize at 1997 Oberhausen International Film Festival)
2002: Composed original music for The Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov (Official Selection in Cannes Film Festival 2002; winner IFC VISIONS AWARD Toronto Film Festival 2002). Filmed entirely in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Sokurov’s breathtaking film recreates 300 years of history and culture and is the first entirely unedited, single take, full-length feature film. Pushing the boundaries of filmmaking, The Russian Ark was the first ever uncompressed High Definition movie, recorded onto a portable hard disk system, rather than 35mm or tape. Described by TIME as ‘’one of the most important films to emerge from Russia in the last 20 years
2004: Composed and performed with conductor Saulius Sondeckis Chamber Orchestra Suite Seasons
Composed Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra
2005 – Present: Composed and performed Cantatas for Orchestra and Choir, Songs, Romances. Performing as a pianist – improvisator
2007: Composed and conducted music for Finnish–Russian co-production feature film RAJA1918 (Border 1918) by Lauri Törhönen
2008: Nominated for Best Music (Paras musiikki) by Jussi Award, the main national film award in Finland Cinema: RAJA 1918

2008 – Present: Music Producer for The Symphony project: music development, script supervising, researching
2009: Composed original score for Germany/Russia/UK co-production feature film The Last Station (Nominated for 2 Oscars) by Michael Hoffman about Leo Tolstoy. Starring Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer, James McAvoy
2010: Nominated by World Soundtrack Academy Award (nomination: Discovery of the year) for The Last Station original soundtrack

Languages: native Russian; spoken and written English

Press Clips for Sergey Yevtushenko/ The Last Station, 2010

”If Lev Tolstoy had a greatly identifiable prose style…, then one reason for the success of STATION’s score is a similar, immediately recognizable wealth of melodic theme.”

”THE LAST STATION’s greatest musical triumph might be that it makes you want to finally crack open your unread copy of WAR AND PEACE.”

”Yevtushenko makes us get what makes his country’s greatest author so special, and human without being overly pushy about it. It’s music that beautifully romances us with the man, and the myth.”

”The beautiful soundtrack by Sergey Yevtushenko (who also scored Russian Ark) evokes the time and mood to perfection.”

”This sumptuosly filmed, character-driven drama is enhanced by a romantic score courtesy of Sergei Yevtushenko, which manifests both as soaring strings and a melancholy solo piano theme.”

”But it is Sergey Yevtushenko’s score that ebbs and flows with the emotional tides, adding a harmonious background to the on screen conflict.”

”…the transition from playfulness to crepuscular contemplation eased by Sergey Yevtushenko’s accomplished score…”

”…and that’s Sergei Yevtushenko’s score, which methinks was one of the year’s best…”

”Of particular note is the gorgeous Russian score by Sergei Yevtushenko, an early candidate for best score of the year.”

”The music by Sergei Yevtushenko and the firm direction by Michael Hoffman complement the whole experience, offering the audience a moving picture that speaks of love and the views of a man who is considered a master of the World literature.”

”Accompanied by a lovely score by Sergei Yevtushenko, the film takes on a dream-like quality, which allows the viewer to bask in its beauty, despite the melodrama on show.”

Publicity for Sergey Yevtushenko

Screenctave (USA), 12 January 2010, by: Mali Elfman, ”Interview: Michael Hoffman for The Last Station”
Variety (USA) 14 December 2009, by: By David Mermelstein, ”East Europeans score in West Composers from Russia, Bulgaria, Poland tackle Hollywood”