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Bétina MarcolinShe made her first stage appearance at the age of four in Fontainebleau, France.

Since then Dance and movement has been part of her life with music as the strong inspiring source. The meeting of body and soul to express the depth of music fascinates her and studying the old Dancing Masters, she realises that this has been the big challenge for the professional theatrical dancer over time. What started as a strong attraction to perform on stage has become an inner journey.

Formed in Paris, London, Copenhagen, graduated with the Solo Seal Award of Royal Academy of Dancing of London, she made a soloist carrier at the Royal Swedish Opera and embraced a large repertoire. Beside classical dance she has studied Renaissance and Baroque Dance mainly abroad. She plays the role of Ballet Master at Confidencen and has been part of many productions on that lovely stage; last year with the successfull opera of Orfeus (Gluck) and the performance with The Leonhard String Quartet.