Ensembles » St. Petersburg Cello Ensemble

St Petersburg Cello Ensemble”unity of the school and a unique ensemble interaction”

”captivating nuances of the sound, a varied musical technique and a vivid performance”

”technical brilliance and a feeling of inspired playing”

The St.Petersburg Cello Ensemble was created in 1975 by Professor A. Nikitin, the head of St. Petersburg Cello School and consists of his very best pupils. One of the main reasons for creating the ensemble was because of the very rare and unusually rich artistic potential the “cello choir” offered.

The ensemble gained immediate recognition in St. Petersburg and has performed to great acclaim in many of the most prestigious concert halls and festivals across Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy and Japan. Besides frequent broadcasting by local and national radio and television, the ensemble has released two records (in Russia) and three CD’s (in Japan).

The ensemble has a very wide ranging repertoire including many newly composed works dedicated to the ensemble by Russian and foreign composers.

A. Nikitin’s Cello Ensemble is an artistic ensemble with unique qualities. All trained together in the St.Petersburg Cello School, the rich and unified sound quality coupled with a brilliant virtuosity is truly spell-bounding.