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Hayk Melikyan”You say a festive feeling of existence or а sheer joy of living… I think that the above mentioned feelings and similar luxuries are deeply possessed by Hayk Melikyan at the moments whenever he plays piano. These are the moments when he equally performs both as a pianist and a composer. The remaining time he dedicates to the maturing of these moments.

Nothing could be more wonderful than a talent of creation of mirth for one’s own soul, possession of it and sharing with those people who are able to seize it.”

Tigran Mansouryan

Hayk Melikyan, is a pianist with a strongly individual personality and a carrier of the great traditions of Russian piano school, specifically that of Felix Blumenfeld and Konstantin Igumnov. Its synthesis gives most interesting and fruitful results. From his very first performances, Hayk Melikyan has attracted the attention of the musical world by his great technical potential and the original intellectual meaning he gives to the musical images,”- says Irina Tigranova, musicologist.

Hayk Melikyan was born in Yerevan in 1980. He first learnt the piano with Irina Grishinskaya, then went to the Yerevan State Conservatory where he studied with professor Alexander Gurgenov, with whom he also completed a post-graduate course in 2005.

Mr. Melikyan’s concert début took place at the “Concerto Di Concerti” International Festival of the 20th Century Music in Rome (Italy). He leads an active concert life, playing in Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, etc. His performances have various formats: he plays as a soloist, with chamber ensembles and Armenian State Philharmonic Orchestra. His repertoire contains an impressive variety of styles, epochs and schools; he performs the works of European, Russian and Armenian composers alike, classical as well as romantic. As I. Tigranova continues: “We are drawn to his interpretations by the wealth of reflection that comes across, as well as by their ability to feel and convey the development of the musical process with its various lines and layers, by the richness of his sometimes orchestral tones, and by his way of bringing out those details that matter so much in understanding the general structure of a piece.”

After having won the second prize in the international piano competition of the 20th century and contemporary music “Premio Valentino Bucchi” in Rome in 2000 he has included contemporary music as a leading part of his concert programs. In 2008, Hayk Melikyan was granted with “Samson Francois” special prize at the Orléans international piano competition (France). He is the first performer of many Armenian and foreign composers in Armenia and abroad. In this context one should mention that after listening the interpretation of Michel Karsky’s “Piano Piece 1” by Hayk Melikyan, a world-known composer, Gyorgy Kurtag wrote: “Each time I listen to it, I am fascinated by the kind of obsessive passion, stubborn yet moving of “Piano Piece 1” by Michel Karsky. And I am very grateful to Hayk Melikyan that he took the risk of interpreting that piece. It is to be listened to without bias: simply let this unique and such personal language open the door to the message of what its creator has lived and suffered.”

Thanks to Mr. Melikyan, the Armenian audience got acquainted with outstanding works of I. Xenakis, P. Dusapin, S. Sciarrino, G. Kurtag, L. Andriessen, W. Rihm, E. Carter, L. Nono, L. Berio and others. This activity led the pianist to an idea of initiating concert series on “The 20th Century and Contemporary World Piano Music.”

It is worth mentioning about the valuable achievements of Hayk Melikyan in Composition: he is an author of many chamber-instrumental, vocal works as well as symphonic and chorus music. His piano transcriptions, concert paraphrases and arrangements are among the favorite ones in the repertoires of many pianists: “Khovanshina” by M. Mussorgsky, “Aleko” by S. Rachmaninov, “The Rite of Spring” by I. Stravinsky, “Fire Ring” by A. Terteryan, “Anoush” by A. Tigranyan and many Armenian folk and medieval spiritual songs, etc. The unique talent and creative imagination of Hayk Melikyan in improvisation adds an unusual value to his recitals: “Hayk Melikyan traditionally concludes his concerts with improvisations on the themes provided by the audience. Here one can easily feel pianist’s brilliant knowledge of different styles from various epochs, exceptional ingenuity, taste and humor, which is a very rare talent,”- Anna Arevshatyan, Doctor of Arts.

Hayk Melikyan’s lively activity is exactly described by an Armenian musicologist, Margarita Rukhkyan: “He is the embodiment of permanent self-perfection. One can easily feel that he is an independent artist, his own master. It is hard for any composer to trust a work to a performer. Hayk Melikyan is the one whom the Composers grant their works with confidence that the performance by Mr. Melikyan will be the best one. We can surely call Mr. Melikyan a successor of music traditions founded by Franz Liszt which combines the whole entourage of piano mastery: performance, composing creativity and improvisation.