Soloists » Hugo Ticciati, violin

Hugo TicciatiUniting his passion for musical experimentation, his wide-ranging intellectual pursuits, and his exploration of the inner landscape of mind, heart and soul, Hugo Ticciati is a violinist with exceptional qualities. The composer Arvo Pärt encapsulated these qualities as follows:

Hugo has a rare ability to convey a profound understanding of the music and shed light on its spiritual intent.

Recently, Hugo has been embracing the world of contemporary music, collaborating with composers such as Anders Hillborg, Djuro Zivkovic, Albert Schnelzer, Nigel Clarke, Leonardo Coral, Andrea Tarrodi and Esaias Järnegard. He also enjoys devising concerts and events that combine music with the other arts, notably dance and literature.

Since his debut at the age twelve in the Edinburgh Festival and at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hugo has performed many concertos with orchestras in England, Sweden, Romania, Japan, Korea, America and Estonia. Hugo gives regular recitals in prestigious halls across Europe and in Asia with pianists such as Staffan Scheja, Svetlana Navarssadian, Sophia Rahman, Michael Tsalka and Henrik Måwe. He also performs at many summer festivals, notably The Gotland Chamber Music Festival. Hugo leads the newly-founded Leonhard String Quartet and directs La Ronde des Violons, a group of six violinists, which has recently toured Sweden and China. This year Hugo was invited to be the artistic director of a chamber music festival at Ulrikdals Slottsteater Confidencen. Hugo has broadcast for the radio and television in Sweden, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Armenia.

Over the last few years Hugo has given masterclasses and seminars on violin teaching in New Zealand, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and Italy. He has also given lectures in music history in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Sweden at the specialist music school Lilla Akademien. From autumn 2008, he has held the position of guest violin teacher and lecturer in music history at a newly-started university in New York. At the heart of Hugo’s teaching is the exploration of ways of how to apply the physical and spiritual aspects of meditation to the art of practising, playing and living in music.

Hugo began his violin studies in London, first with Faith Whiteley and then with Simon Fischer, author of the acclaimed Basics, before going to Canada on scholarship to study with David Zafer at the University of Toronto. He continued his violin studies with the Russian violinists, Nina and Oleg Balabina in Sweden.

Together with many scholarships Hugo has won the international competitions Giovani Talenti and Rovere d’Oro at San Bartolomeo al Mare, Italy (2002), and the Mendelssohn Cup in Bari, Italy (2004). In 2007 he was admitted a Fellow of the Royal Schools of Music in the United Kingdom; his dissertation was entitled “An Exploration of Nostalgia in the works of Beethoven, Brahms and Berg”. Hugo plays on the “Baron Knoop” Vincenzo Rugeri (Cremona c. 1700).