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Sverre Indris JonerSverre Indris Joner is a Norwegian composer and arranger who plays the piano and percussion. He was born on 19 July 1963 in Oslo and grew up in Bergen. His musical career started with the ukulele at age 5, the piano at age 13 and percussion at age 17. He is a graduate of the University of Oslo (music studies) and the Concervatorio Cervantez i Havanna, Cuba (afro-cuban percussion).

Sverre is particularly known for popularizing Latin American music in Norway. His adaptations often employ elements of salsa music such as Son cubano. He has founded the groups Salzumba and Electrocutango and performs with Hovedøen Social Club and La Descarga among other groups. Sverre has also performed with many symphony orchestras, including those from Norway and Germany (Bremen, Dresden, and Berlin) as well as the BBC Symphony Orchestra in England.

Recent highlights in Sverre’s career as an arranger include the Norwegian Radio Orchestra’s performance of his 8 symphonic arrangements of the repertoire of the Hovedøen Social Club on Norwegian television (2009) and a performance by the jazz trio Klazzbrothers with the Dresdner Philharmonie of his arrangement of Mahler’s 1st Symphony (in 7/8!) (2006).

Sverre has released many CDs to critical acclaim and his music is regularly played on films and in the theatre. In 2002 Sverre received the Kardemomme award from NOPA (Norwegian Popular Composers Union). In 2005 his theatre-piece Tanghost received the EDVARD-award for best music for other art form from TONO (a Norwegian corporation that administers copyrights for music in Norway). This year he was made an “Academic” of the Academia Nacional del Tango de Argentina by Horacio Ferrer.