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Deborah Duerr received her graphic design degree at the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Urban Planning. Before coming to Sweden in 1984 she worked for Design Studios in San Francisco and New York. In Sweden she started her own award winning graphic design firm. Among her designs are the development of the pictogram and signage system for Swedish Rail in collaboration with Berg Architectural Firm, as well as the identity programs for Lilla Akademien and the Swedish National Youth Orchestra.

Duerr thrives in an environment where different creative skills are joined and was quick to respond when asked to head the art program at Lilla Akademien when the school was established. Foreseeing the increased reduction of art curriculums throughout the school system, she started her own school to offer art and design education for young people building upon her firm ground as a designer. Understanding the need for creative think- ing in the public sector as well, she developed a valued workshop series for businesses. She is also an active board member of the non-profit organisation ‘Stories for Society’.

Her most recent venture is a gallery where art and design often meet music and other creative expressions. In addition, under- standing how difficult it is for artists and educators to reach out, Deborah created her own brand of crisp bread, Deborahs Extraknäck, now being sold at selected venues. Invited artists are presented on the package and encouraged to give their interpretation of the bread. There is no end to where Deborah’s passion for education and design will take her.