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Mikael MengarelliMikael Mengarelli was born (1963) into a family with strong ballet-traditions.
His Father (Bengt Peterson) was a director of Opera , his mother (Rose-Marie Mengarelli-Peterson) a ballet dancer , as well as his two uncles (Julius (d. 1960) and Mario Mengarelli) , all at the Royal Swedish Opera house.

He joined/entered the Royal Swedish ballet school in 1973 and was employed as a professional dancer at the Royal Swedish ballet in 1981.

After 24 years , except for a short period of 2 years (1984-86) at ”Stora Teatern” in Gothenburg , he retired as a Principal dancer in 2005.

During these years Mikael has danced everything from baroque to modern , performed in Operas and participating in the Royal Swedish ballets tours around the world.

After his retirement he stopped dancing , except for appearances on Confidencen and Zebra Dance , and started to take up his interest for Commedia dell´ Arte which resulted in his debut as a choreographer in June 2012.
(Commedia di Zanni at Rotundan/Royal Swedish Opera house)

In his still ongoing “education” , Mikael has had the privilege to work with artists like , Ragnar Ulfung , Elisabeth Söderström,Hans Alfredsson,Mikael Samuelsson,Ulf Gadd , Ivo Cramér , Mary Skeaping , Regina Beck-Friis.

Mikael Mengarelli was awarded the Friends of Drottningholms Slottsteater medal in 2001.