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Ruggero LaganaRuggero Laganà was born in Milan. He completed his musical education there at the Conservatoire. Under the tutorship of Franco Donatoni and Sandro Gorli, Ruggero Laganà graduated with honour in composition. He also graduated with honours in piano and harpsichord. Ruggero Laganà is currently a professor at the Milan Conservatoire, of harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano and figured bass, as welI as counterpoint and composition. He also teaches fortepiano for international courses held in Urbino and has given Masterclasses in Altenburg, Austria; the Republic of San Marino; The Milan Conservatoire and at The European Academy and Ueca masterclass in Florence.

As well as didactic, Laganà’s current professional commitments include composition and concerts. Ruggero Laganà has won ten awards at International Competitions: three of these were under the patronage of RAI, Rome (Italy’s national broadcasting network): ATER-RAI 1080; ANFIM-RAI, 1981, where he was awarded the gold medal by Italy’s President of the Italian Republic; RAI’s International Scarlatti Competition, 1981. The other awards include the Guggenheim Venice-New York 1982 Award, the Parma-Toscanini Award, the Viotti-Vercelli Award and the G.d’Arezzo of Arezzo, Tuscany. Since 1978, Laganà’s compositions have been performed at the most renowned music festivals in Europe, South America, the USA and Japan. One of Laganà’s chamber musical theatre works was performed at Milan’s Piccola Scala in 1982 and at The Petrarca Theatre in Arezzo. One other work was performed, including LiveElectronics, at Milan’s Piccolo Teatro and broadcast on the national radio channel 3 network in 1991.

As a performer, Ruggero Laganà won the Bologna Harpsichord Competition in 1987, the Paris International Competition for contemporary harpsichord works and, in October and December of the same year, Rome’s International Harpsichord Competition. In 1989 Laganà was a member of the jury of the Paris International Competition and he also composed the obligatory piece for the contemporary session. Laganà is regularly a member of the jury of the National Pesaro Awards, and was a member of the Jury of Viotti International Piano Award Competition in 2003, 2004 and 2009.

Laganà is both performer and composer on harpsichord, piano and fortepiano holding performances at the most important world festivals (Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Stockholm, Tokyo, Mont real, Buenos Aires, to name but a few.) He has performed more than 1200 recitals and chamber music concerts at home and abroad, which have been recorded by RAI and Radio France, in Germany, Austria, Mexico, Usa, Japan, Canada and Switzerland. Laganà has recently performed a series of piano recitals, featuring Lella Costa in R.Strauss melologues and Ugo Pagliai in J.Kuhnau Biblical Sonatas. Renowned composers Aldo Clementi, Francesco Pennisi, Ivan Vandor, Sandro Gorli, Alessandro Solbiati, Luca Mosca, Ivan Fedele, Torres Maldonado, Carlo Galante, Luca Francesconi,  and many others, have dedicated harpsichord compositions to him. The concert ”Da Bach al Computer” for harpsichord and electronics has been elaborated by Laganà himself for the ”Settimana Bach” (Bach week) organized by the prestigious Società del Quartetto of Milano, together with the uncut performance of the J.S. Bach Cantatas by the most important baroque orchestras and choirs. The concert includes the uncut performance of Bach’s Inventions and Symphonies together with absolute first executions of contemporary compositions for piano and electronics which are inspired by these classic composers. This event has been selected to be broadcasted all over Europe, Canada and Japan.