Dancers » Ederson Rodrigues Xavier

Ederson Rodrigues Xavier was born in Brazil. He had his self-education on Capoiera, Afro Jazz, Modern dance and Classical Ballet in Brazil.

In 1988 he joined QUASAR Company of Dance (BR), where he worked till 1992, (as a dancer and teacher). In 1993 he moved to Holland where he studied release technique and improvisation at SNDO (Amsterdam Theater School). In 1994 he worked with Leine&Roebana (NL), 1995 Paul Selwyn Norton (NL) and in 1996 Djazzex (NL). In 1997 he worked for Frankfurt Ballet (assistant choreographer for the piece SubRosa from Paul Selwyn Norton). From 1997 to 2004 he worked with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.The same year he joined Scapino Ballet, he had his debut as a Choreographer with QUARTET, a piece for the Scapino Ballet Annual Workshop and since than became a regular choreographer for the company. He has also worked with Krisztina de Chatel, Itzik Galili, Nanine Linning, Michael Shummaker, Gerard Mosterd, Suzy Blok, Georg Reischl, Jiri Kylian, Amanda Miller, Steve Petronio among others.

In 2002 he was awarded with  Swan Prize VSCD (Dutch Theater directions) Theater Dance Price because of his recognizable style: sharp, passionate and lyrical.In 2009 he was awarded as Best Male Act with DudaPaivaCompany (puppetry and dance) with” Maledicton” at the festival Baj Pomorski, Torun (PL).

Currently Xavier works as an independent choreographer&dancer&teacher and video artist based in Amsterdam. His work is known in Holland, Germany, Brazil, France, Hungary, Russia, Spain, and Austria through several dance companies, schools and universities. Besides his independent work, he makes part of the choreographers’ team of Korzo Producties and Dans Makers Amsterdam Dance productions.

As a choreographer he has developed an intense physical language, using the body as a medium to communicate concepts driven by a deeper understanding of the body and its relationship to the space and time. He is also interested in cross-link of other disciplines with dance, such as: architecture, painting, music, sculpture, design, science and film. He also gives workshops on choreography and dance technique. Xavier is also known for his skills at improvisation with solo performances on several locations, installations, galleries, galas and concert halls.